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developing the image of a new restaurant chain / campaign opening the first one

Breaking with tradition and exploring new has been the foundation of our thinking. Therefore, using the polish slogan: "Porzuć bigos bądź amigos!" we won the tender and proceeded to develop the whole new brand Guac’n’ole.


According to the motto: "We love good food, and freedom of choice" we have created from scratch a new brand - Fresh Mexican Grill. The new brand Guac'n'ole has its strength. First of all because of the fresh, tasty and spicy food. This is the basic on which we use luchador fighters in the ads and create a message “force of burrito”.

Burrito power!

We came up with the name, we created CI and packaging. We were so engrossed in the action that in the heat of the event a dress code for employees and many details of the interior design of the premises were created.

OK3 lokal

designed in every detail

While working on packaging, POS, posters, papers, stickers, tray pads and every smallest detail, we also proposed original, ergonomic designs for taco boxes.


We made a mural project for the restaurant wall, which was transferred from a sheet of paper to the wall by the hands of the designer himself.

content packaging

We made sure that the packaging, apart from its basic function, could also become an object of fun and constitute an additional carrier of brand value.

OK9 detale opak
OK4 zestaw

offline + digital

The work for Guac'n'ole was complemented by a campaign introducing the brand to the market, under the slogan "The power of burrito" („Siła burrito”). The activities covered the shopping center as well as the Internet.


videomarketing + social media

On the opening day of the premises, activities in the shopping center were launched: posters, special stickers on the walls imitating the impact force, as well as promotions and tastings related to competitions in social media. On Facebook and YouTube, customers could also watch specially prepared videos.


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Copywriting  / Filip Grześkowiak
Project managment / Gosia Pieczyńska . Paulina Walentowska
Creative Director / Tom Szurkowski
Art Directing . Graphic Design / Bartosz Wągrowski
 Video, motion  / Mariusz Kołodziejczyk
PR / SocialMedia / Kamila Górczyńska - Żyżkowska

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