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Identification of The Engineer’s Era project

We created a comprehensive image for Poznan University of Technology’s project: Era Inżyniera (The Engineer’s Era). The project’s main objective was to adapt higher education curriculum to meet the needs of economy, address the labour market demands and contribute to improving the University’s educational quality.

The symbol

Since the project was addressed mostly to aviation-related degree courses, we proposed a graphic sign that borrowed form and symbolism from the folded paper plane, and was footnoted with „Wings of career” phrase on basic materials.


Main slogan 

We came up with a complete set of branding elements: the slogan „Spread the wings of your career” bore a clear reference to the project’s objective, and together with the plane logo it effectively supported the communication processes.


Campaign -----  TV / Radio

Kampania  -----  TV / Radio

Spot TV / Radio

Three-year timespan of the project resulted in a series of inspiring actions, and we prepared a TV/radio campaign to offer their proper summary.


The campaign consisted of a 30’’ video summary and a radio spot.

„The image of The Engineer’s Era devised by Chigo was an excellent identification of our project and its objectives from the very start. This made attracting the interest from people so much easier and definitely contributed to the project’s great success"

„Wizerunek projektu Era Inżyniera opracowany przez Chigo Design od początku świetnie identyfikował projekt i jego zadania, a to znacznie ułatwiło przyciągnięcie zainteresowanych i zapewne przyczyniło się do takiego sukcesu całego projektu"

Marta Kicińska --------- Project coordinator


branding ------  art directing  ------  graphic design  ------  print    ------  ATL  ------  video/motion


Client coordinator / Marta Kicińska 
Creative Director / Tom Szurkowski
Art direction / Bartek Wągrowski, Dominik Boberski, Michał Pawołek
Brand design / Andrzej Dobosz 

Project manager / Małgosia Pieczyńska 
Production / VisualHeads

release  ---------  energy

wyzwól  ---------  energię



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