MPK Poznan


Campaign, event and communication of the 135th anniversary of MPK Poznań

What actions should be taken to tell enough about 135 years of operation of the Municipal Transport Company in Poznań? We decided to show the history and evolution of the public transport system through the lens of the city.
We have developed a sign, designed an exclusive album {awarded with gold KTR}, supported promotional activities, and comprehensively organized the Gala to celebrate the 135th anniversary in the Earth Hall in Poznan. 


Campaign logo + creative story box

We used the 135 years anniversary logo on the cover of the creative album, which is the most important component of the box, which included not only an exclusive album, but also a set of reproductions, such as posters, the first issue of Poznań Tramwajarz from 1939, or postcards with the works of an employee - artist art brut Zygmunt Warczygłowy.


creative album with reproductions

After six months of researching and working on the material, we wanted to emphasize its value. We used a number of unusual printing solutions, taking care of every detail: different types of paper, binding, tracing paper, thread color, 5-color printing or hotstamping.


The whole was enclosed in a cardboard packaging, which also contains posters, reproductions, postcards or a booklet with specially designed illustrations of good manners, thanks to which it gained collector's qualities.

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PRINT + Augumented reality

An innovative approach was to use the opportunities offered by augmented reality technology. By downloading the application on an Android phone or tablet, just point the device at the marker printed inside the album packaging to bring up specially created animated 3D objects.

Coherent communication

Thanks to the logo of 135 years of Mpk Poznań, communication was graphically consistent from KV to a number of POS materials.



The set also includes a reproduction of an old advertising poster, posters with the city's communication artery and car models.

Gala  -----  135 years of MPK Poznań

over 500 guests in Earth hall

We were responsible for the organization, screenplay, graphic and multimedia setting of the gala in Poznan EARTH HALL. During its duration, over 500 guests received an occasional album.  

KTR_2016  -----  GOLD

Work awarded with KTR gold in the "Print" category


12,449 words
2,000 reviewed photos
200 images used
90 days of research and graphic works
15 hours of interviews
10 reproductions
6 3D Augumented Reality objects
5 interviews
1 Gold KTR



BTL ------  graphic design  ------  event  ------  logo design  ------  video&motion ------ print


Strategy + Project Management / Gosia Pieczyńska, Kamila Górczyńska-Żyżkowska 
Creative Concept / Tom Szurkowski, Bartosz Wągrowski 
Creative Director / Tom Szurkowski
Graphic Designer / Bartosz Wągrowski, Dominik Boberski, Tom Szurkowski
Event, motion, multimedia / MOOV
Copywriting, redakcja / Kamila Górczyńska-Żyżkowska, Agata Mendalka



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